Jim Kosmala
Been looking for one machine that can handle your most demanding jobs? With our award-winning LASER EX Series, that do-it-all machine has arrived.
By combining the power of the Okuma's legendary machine craftsmanship with cutting-edge laser technology, we've built next-generation super-multitasking machines that combine subtractive and additive functionality. That means you have metal hardening, coating capabilities, and start-to-finish production at your disposal, all within a single machining center. While traditional metal cutting will always have it's own place, to compete in today's market the ability to multitask isn't a luxury—it's a necessity.

With our LASER EX Series, you can open up endless possibilities on your shop floor, and for your sales team.
Jim Kosmala
What does super multitasking machine technology offer?
Endless possibilities.

• Multitasking lathes
• Five-axis vertical machining centers
• Horizontal two-turret lathes
• Laser metal deposition
• Laser hardening
• Up to 4 kilowatts of power per machine
• Up to 6 machines powered by a single laser unit
How would we describe a machine like this?
As the ultimate manufacturing problem-solver.

• Additive and subtractive capabilities within one machine
• Ability to repair parts without disrupting normal production
• Ability to inspect parts throughout production
• More unique part geometries become possible
• Easy and efficient repairs
• New selling opportunities
Why doesn't it utilize Laser Metal Fusion (LMF)?
Because Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) has more benefits.

• Controlled vacuum in machining is not required
• You can inspect the part mid-process
• Coolant use in work envelope is acceptable
• Faster than powder bed fusion
• Materials can be swapped mid-process
• Can build in three dimensions as opposed to two

Welcome to next-generation metalworking.

As the ultimate process-intensive machines, the LASER EX Series offers additive AND subtractive manufacturing capabilities. This is just the beginning; more products are in the pipeline, but here is what's possible today:
Laser Metal Desposition (LMD):
Now you can supply powder from nozzles and perform laser melting and bonging to parent material, different types of materials can be combined and multilayered, and three-dimensional fabrication, repairs, and coating is attainable.
Laser Hardening:
Heating takes place via laser emission (with hardening by self-cooling), while case hardening is also possible. In the end, there's less warpage than with high-frequency or flame hardening.
Resin Mold Repairs:
From crack removal to finishing, all operations are available on a single machine. The LASER EX Series even accommodates hard-to-cut and high-hardness materials.
Process-Intensive Turn Hardening and Grinding:
Now cutting and grinding interrupted by heat treatment can be completed on a single machine with no set-up change. Uniform-width turn hardening uses a high-output, stable laser; case hardening is possible on cylindrical surfaces—with no uneven hardening and little warpage.

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